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About Us


Giving LIFE to our clients is the core of what we do!

FitSpirit International Fitness Inc. (FIFI) is a fitness company unlike any other.  We cater to those who have tried every fitness fad, program and/or diet out there!  FitSpirit offers a variety of fitness options no matter what your level of fitness is!  From group cardio sessions to personal training (one-on-one or group) to bridal bootcamps! We've got it all!!  If we don't have what you are looking for, we can customize any of our programs to fit your needs!  The FitSpirit family is also unlike any other.  If you are looking for a group of people that are supportive and non-judgmental, then FitSpirit is for you! 

  In our desire to achieve total health, we work to create a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.  FitSpirit combines fitness and dance to create the ultimate cardio and toning workouts.  FitSpirit pushes positivity while striving for healthy outcomes.  We offer something for everyone...whether you are looking for weight loss, muscle toning, meeting new people, or simply rebuilding confidence and making the most of your life.  Take a chance, check us out and become one step closer to becoming a more healthy and energetic you!

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