It is the positive motivation and energy that essentially sets FitSpirit apart.  Clients often become family, which has an incredible benefit.  While focus is primarily on the body, mind and spirit are also touched upon.  The motivation and self-confidence you will find yourself building from any of our FitSpirit sessions is have to experience it to feel it!



FitSpirit offers 1-on-1 personal training.  Each workout is different from the last and will challenge you to reach your personal fitness goals, no matter what they may be.  Personal training sessions are not focused on yelling and/or putting you down.  Instead, our sessions will always give you the motivation you need to feel more positive about yourself, and will give you the confidence that you CAN and WILL reach your goals. 


Just call for pricing and to set up a free consultation and/or create your schedule with FitSpirit.

           INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATION - Workouts, Etc...
These sessions utilize state of the art techniques that combine strength and stretch training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidence for a complete fitness soloution.  No two sessions are ever the same, providing faster and your muscles will never get bored!!
           SPLIT YOUR FITNESS - Bridal Bootcamps, Couples Workouts, Etc...
If you are looking for personal training but don't want to do it alone, you can Split Your Fitness!!  We can design personal training for any group size, and you can split the hourly cost between your group!!  A group can range from 2 or more people!!  This is a great option for people on a budget, or that want to workout with friends who want to get fit and get results!!
Just call for pricing and to schedule a time for your group!!



           BODY BLAST


Body Blast is offered twice a week, Monday and Wednesday 5:15pm.  It is a group personal training session that is open to appointment necessary!!  Body Blast is a combination of cardio and toning.  This class uses a wide variety of fun yet challenging ways to give you body the extra blast it needs...getting you one step closer to your fitness goals.  Routines are choreographed to high energy songs designed to get you moving using weights, mats, exercise balls, steps and more to increase the intensity.  Body Blast is a challenging workout, so come ready to sweat!!


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           JAM SESSIONS

     JAM stands for JUMP AND MOVE.  JAM sessions are a cardio based group class that will have you sweating and smiling at the same time!!  JAM sessions are a high-energy, fun workouto choreographed to popular music.  The class is an intense workout that combines dance and core fitness to reach multiple muscle groups.  Classes reach the whole fitness spectrum; from beginners to advanced and everyone in between.  Everyone is always welcome!!  FitSpirit has achieved great results with the variety that the class two classes are ever the same!!


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